If you are looking for accommodations in Jasper you already know something about Jasper National Park. Rather than try to teach you all about the park, let's just tease you with some pictures and brief descriptions...

Summer in Jasper:


Rocky Mountain Sheep

Found in several locations throughout the park, they are often spotted at the east entrance to the town of Jasper.


Maligne Lake

The world famous boat cruise on Maligne Lake to Spirit Island. Maligne (pronounced "mah-leen") Lake is about 45 minutes drive from 711 Miette Avenue. That's 45 minutes if you don't stop along the way... but you will.

Spirit Island is the turn-around point in the two-hour boat cruise.


Canoeing on Pyramid Lake

Canoeing on Pyramid Lake, Pyramid Mountain shown in the background. Pyramid Lake and several other lakes are just behind Jasper townsite on the "Pyramid Bench".

Also on the "Bench" are horse rides and many, many hiking and mountain biking trails.


Float-style Raft Ride.

Several tour companies offer raft tours in our rivers.

While this picture shows the very relaxing float style, other operators offer smaller rafts and far more wet and wild rides.


The Snow Coach Ride on the spectacular Columbia Icefield.

The Icefield, its Snow Coach tour, Glacier Walks and the Icefield Centre are one hour south of Jasper along the Icefield Parkway. Again, that's one hour if you don't stop...but you will.


The Jasper Tramway

The very best way to get a "peak" under you.

Best enjoyed in the morning or evening...

The Tramway is visible from your entrance to our suite.



Ice Walk Tours in the Maligne Canyon

Yes, that's a walking tour IN the Maligne Canyon.

Several tour companies offer guided tours of the frozen floor of this spectacular canyon.


Downhill skiing and/or snow boarding at Marmot Basin

Simply stunning.


Cross country skiing

This groomed, tracked track is on Lac Beauvert at Jasper Park Lodge.

There are several other tracked trails near Jasper in the park.

There are many, many un-tracked trails throughout the park too.

While it looks all athletic and a bit strenuous, simply relaxing in Jasper National Park is also quite acceptable, even encouraged.