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Mid-May, June, July, August and September:

$140 per night includes a fresh made breakfast.
Mid-May??? Canada has a national holiday on the 1st Monday after the 24th of May to celebrate Queen Victoria's Birthday (who knew?) with a three-day weekend and many miss-placed expectations of summer. As a result, all of Canada is confused as to when summer season actually begins. 

How that affects you? If you are requesting a reservation in May, contact us directly for the best rate possible.

Rest of the year:

$100 per night. Breakfasts not offered.


72 hour cancellation policy. (Cancel 3 days prior to your arrival for refund.)

Deposit must be paid immediately on acceptance of your reservation.



We will generate a PayPal invoice for your credit card payment. (Allows you to use your credit card even if you don't have a PayPal account.)

Remainder of your stay:

Credit card or cash accepted.