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Mid-May, June, July, August and September:

$160 per night includes a fresh made breakfast.
Mid-May??? Canada has a national holiday on the 1st Monday after the 24th of May to celebrate Queen Victoria's Birthday (who knew?) with a three-day weekend and many miss-placed expectations of summer. As a result, all of Canada is confused as to when summer season actually begins. 

How that affects you? If you are requesting a reservation in May, contact us directly for the best rate possible.

Rest of the year:

$120 per night. Breakfasts not offered.


1 month cancellation policy. (Cancel one month prior to your arrival for refund.) Sadly we have found that it is excessively expensive for our guests and ourselves to refund the deposit in less than 1 month. Sorry.

Deposit must be paid immediately on acceptance of your reservation.



We will generate an invoice from our credit card service provider, Square, for your credit card payment.

Remainder of your stay:

Credit card or cash accepted.